February 25, 2024

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How should a recycling depot be set up?

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All recyclable drink containers whether they are plastic, metal or glass are covered by a deposit return plan that the government has just announced. The upcoming scheme will try to cut litter pollution out by giving people who bring in their recyclables a small cash return. There are currently 38 countries doing similar schemes that are working well with campaigners who have worked for over a decade to introduce this system to England. The cash you get back will be determined on the size of the can or the bottle. The recycling depots near you that are already doing a similar scheme are working on a reverse vending machine system that will automate the return.

Once it has been returned the retailers become the ones who need to properly recycle the containers. The deport return schemes have been working well so far with increased rates of recycling by up to 90% in the countries that are already doing this system.

Right now, the situation is that 43% of plastic bottles that are being sold in the UK each year are being recycled with a staggering amount of 700,000 being littered each day.  The plastics that are being littered on a daily basis are creating havoc on our marine life and their environments. It is important that we act now in order to fight the threat and put a plan in place to stop the millions of plasticware being littered.

We have started to act by cutting plastic bags out of shops and eliminate the harmful microbeads. Now it is time to tackle the plastic bottles in order to save the future of our marine life. Not all cans, bottles and cartons can be included in the return and earn scheme. In order to help you work out what you can be returning there is going to be a container database so you can check to see if the items you have qualify. If you find a container doesn’t qualify to be sure to take it with you and recycle it through your household recycling collection. It is important to ensure that everyone gets together to participate in active recycling activities to boost the sustainable development for the future generations, optimal utilisation of resources, reducing the total carbon footprint of each household, etc.

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How it is going to be set-up

There are around 600 return and earn spots that are currently being set-up all across the NSW area. There are going to be different types of return spots and the one that is best suited for you will depend on how you want to receive your refund and how many items you are bringing in to recycle.

You can choose to make a donation or take your refund home

Every item that is eligible for the return will earn you 10 cents. The plan everywhere is to offer you a cash voucher or an electronic payment. There is even going to be an option to donate your earnings to a charity. The sites that are just over the counter will offer you cash but not many are on board with the chance to donate just yet.

Recycling is another way we are protecting our environment for future generations. Instead of throwing recyclables into the trash or littering them so they end up in the ocean killing the marine life you can be a part of turning them into new products. One must always be careful to segregate their general waste from the recyclables and dispose of them smartly.

 Benefits of recycling depots that are set-up correctly

  • Conserving natural resources like water and timber
  • Saves energy
  • Prevents pollutions
  • Helps to create jobs in the manufacturing and recycling industries.



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