April 28, 2024

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The Benefits of a Career in Sales

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why you should know sales

A sales career gives you the chance of having financial success and gives you a sense of accomplishment with every sale you make. Even if you work in a technical job – like managed IT services – you still need to know sales. Many people may say that a sales career is more a default choice, but did you know there are many rewards and benefits of having a career in sales that can outweigh the negativity surrounding this profession. Besides, if you run your own IT-consulting company in Melbourne, for example, you’ll need sales skills to attract new clients! 

What are the benefits?

Transferable skills

The skills that you will develop when working in the sales industry are great and you will gain a desirable career path. You don’t feel pigeonholed in one industry as once you have the skills to see you can then transfer the skills and move between industries and open up more challenges and opportunities to further your career in the direction you want.

Great earning potential

The rewards that you can gain in sales is very significant. If you are willing to create different opportunities, then you can be driven to succeed which means your earning potential can be limitless. However, the pay structure will be different at each company but most times it will involve your base wage and commissions and added benefits after each sale.


Your day in the sales world is what you create. Having a job in sales will provide you with the freedom of structuring your own day and taking control of your own time whether inside or outside of the office or even meeting clients.

Meet new people

When working in sales you are given the opportunity to meet with different people from product developers to intake stakeholders etc. it is a guarantee that each day you will be meeting someone new and most times after meeting them you can walk away with some sort of valuable information. 

Continual learning

The earning potential can be unlimited but in saying that so is the learning potential. From the different network for people and different changes that are going to impact the job like technology and the economy, you will feel like you have no time to be uninspired. Working in sales means you have got into a career that is very undefined and it may be hard for any salesperson to describe what their normal day consists of as often there is just no normal day. During the day you can be researching different clients, meeting with them, nurturing current clients and strategizing the internal stakeholders. It truly is a varied profession that you won’t get sick of.


There is plenty of satisfaction to be had that comes from successfully sealing a deal. Satisfaction can come in many different ways from rewards to getting a simple acknowledgment of a job that was well done. Getting a thank you and some positive feedback from clients gains your self-confidence and grows your pride. If you are looking for a career in the sales industry, then research the many more benefits that are out there to be gained by becoming a salesperson. It is a rewarding career and you can make it very successful quickly.

There are some schooling and skills you will need to obtain before you can start work with the sales industry, but this is well worth it and once you start working as a salesperson you won’t look back.

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