June 3, 2024

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Interior Design for Investment Properties

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Most of us love interior design and spending time working on the décor in our homes. We all crave living in a beautiful space that is magazine worthy. There is no right or wrong way to decorate a home, but some can find it hard to know where to start and what is trending at the moment. When designing your investment property, there are more elements to be considered. As this is a financial investment, you must find the balance between appealing decor and the funds put toward the project. Tailored property management companies may have suggestions as to what the best approach is.


How do we create this trendy, editorial look within spaces at an affordable price? Other considerations must be thought of, such as durability and whether or not elements can be easily damaged.


While it may be a challenge, you can achieve the look and results you want. It is easier than you may think with the correct planning. Put yourself ahead of time and have the fundamentals of your design in place. Doing so will help you to gain the look you want to achieve.


Colour blocking

This style in interior design is highly fashionable now. Creating a room with one single colour can be hard, but the results are eye-catching. You can start by matching your paint to a favourite piece like your sofa or a chest of drawers if you are renting out a furnished property. The key here is to find the room for patterns and complementary colours to create a beautiful display.


Hanging drapes

Want a secret for hanging your drapery? Improve the look of a room by hanging curtains from the top of a wall rather than the window. Hanging your curtains at the highest possible level will draw attention to the height of your space, and this will add drama to the design. If you want to be sure that everyone can see what you have done, have your curtains as a focal part of the décor by hanging them in an eye-catching shade.


Throw pillows

If you are renting out a furnished home, a homewares décor idea that is simple and cheap includes replacing the throw pillows in your living room. Throw pillows are a stunning and straightforward way that you can accessorise any room and add some colour and brightness. It doesn’t matter whether you make your own or buy them from a shop. Homeowners should chuck out any old pillows and bring in new fuller pillows. If you are on a budget, then buy some fresh covers that mix and match with existing textures and colours.

The important part here is to remember that you can have too many pillows, so don’t go overboard. If you are unsure what works, then change the covers to work in with the season.


Adding moulding

If you have bare walls with just a few art pieces throughout the whole home, consider getting some moulding for the baseboard, ceiling or chair rail. There are some simple shape designs or some that offer a grander design and overall sense of luxury. Property investment strategies all suggest that aesthetic appeal is key to financial profit from investment properties.


Update your fixtures

A quick and easy way that you can decorate within a budget is to update some of the old fixtures, ranging from drawer pulls, handles, light switches and tapware. These are all such inexpensive details that give a home a high-end feel.


Follow a few of the above tips to make a rental or investment property eye-catching and create grand impressions. Switch up the ideas or even try a few different ones and see what you like best.


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