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Everything About Scroll Vacuum Pumps

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When it comes to vacuum systems, scroll pumps are quite prominent. They are some of the pumps that are conventionally utilized in low and medium systems. However, of late, these scroll pumps have been used regularly as backing pumps in ultra-high or high vacuum systems.

One of the main features of attraction of the scroll vacuum pump is that it is considered to be a ‘dry’ pump, and with this, there is no fear of contamination. But that said, it must also be pointed out that these pumps are not tolerant of particles. Also, there is the possibility of particles being generated as a result of the wear of the tip seal over time.

Now we will talk about how to scroll vacuum pumps work, in the air compressor. For a typical vacuum pump, the principal working parts have a pair of co-wound spiral-shaped scrolls that are placed inside a vacuum housing. This structure has an exit valve placed in the middle of the scroll assembly.

There is a spiral that is attached to a point. At the same time, the other one (known as the orbiter) moves without having any rotation, against the second one. The gas flows in the open (external) end of the spirals, and as one of the spirals enters into an orbit, the gas is contained in between the scrolls. It is then carried in the direction of the centre because the space occupied by the gas is transported and squeezed between the two spirals.

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As this body of gas is shifting towards the centre, the space that it takes up begins to reduce. As a result, the trapped gas undergoes constant compression until there is an expulsion through the non-return valve. Even though none of the parts that are mobile present inside the chamber needs an application of lubricants, the PTFE tip seals are to be changed from time to time. This is because they are going to undergo wear over time.

That said, the performance features of scroll pumps are influenced by some parameters. These parameters include the speed of operation, unit size, ambient temperature, speed of the operation, and even the features of the vapour or gas that is being pumped.

For those who are wondering, there are several applications for scroll pumps. One is that they are often used as fore pumps in ultra-high or high vacuum systems. But whatever the application it is put to, what will matter at the end of the day will be the consideration for the advantages and limitations posed by each kind of scroll vacuum pump.

Talking of advantages, there are several with the scroll vacuum pumps. One is that they do not consume power as such and are graded as high speeding pumps. These pumps also come with the ideal ultimate pressure. When it also comes to noise, scroll vacuum pumps are on the low side, the same thing applies to the vibration. The costs of operation are also low and some models come with automatic non-return exhaust valves. Speak with the professionals to find out just which one is most suited for your business needs to ensure you get one that will last and do its job properly.

The question you need to be asking now is, could you benefit from a scroll vacuum pump?

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