April 28, 2024

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8 Creative Uses Of Wires 

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using wire in garden

Did you know the copper wire is recyclable and is a non-ferrous metal that is commonly used within electrical and plumbing work? Wire, especially galvanised steel mesh panels, is a metal commonly used to create décor items, as it is easy to work with and bends easily with pliers. You can use wire to add a look of glamour and sophistication to any room. You can turn wire into lampshades and even ornaments and jewellery.

Copper Wire Lettering

With the right “bending” and design, you can create some beautiful decorations, for places in your home, like that bare wall that has been driving you crazy.  Or you can use wire to create some heartfelt words that you can add to potted plants. This makes a great gift for a teacher or a close friend. You can simply use your hands to bend the wires along some round nose pliers if you want to overlap and flourish.

Wire fencing

Wire fencing isn’t always beautiful to look at, but it can be really useful in your backyard. Garden wire products like fences and veggie patch cages have become very popular in recent times. When it comes to installing a fence to keep animals away from your fruit and veggies, wire is perfect for the job. You just need to drive a few metal posts into the ground and then secure the wire to the metal posts.

Wire offers safety

If you have chickens, you have to keep them safe from predators like foxes and feral dogs. There are many different wires that you can use to make a fence. Did you also know that most chicken owners will tell you that you cannot have grass in a coop as they will wreck it? Sure, they might, but you can still include some greenery by adding a layer of wire over the grass and connect it to a platform. This allows the ends of the grass to poke through and allow your chickens to graze – without digging up the grass. The grass can still get sunlight and water, which will ensure it stays green all year round.

Prevent burrowing

No matter how secure you think your chicken coop is, predators will burrow underneath the coop to get inside – especially when they smell fresh eggs. You can lay wire mesh flooring across the ground inside and outside of the coop, which will stop animals from digging up the ground to get inside the coop.  There are other remedies out there that claim to keep predators away, but these often don’t work. There is no better way than using something solid to stop them in their tracks (exactly where they are trying to get in).

Copper lamp

Designing a copper-lamp is a fun and creative way to do something truly something different. It may look difficult to make, but if you go along with the instructions that you can find online (and have the right equipment) it can be achieved quite easily. You can make this type of lamp shade from copper wire that has been stripped with stripping pliers and soldered together into ring shapes.

Copper wire bracelet

This is a stylish bracelet that is very easy to make. All you need to make the bracelet is some bendable wire, round nose pliers and flat nose pliers. The wire needs to be bent into shapes or loops that will then attach to themselves so there is no need for hook attachments. Voila! 

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