April 28, 2024

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How to Prepare your Home for an Open Inspection

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How to Prepare your Home for an Open Inspection

Inspections are just like a first date. You only get one chance to make the first impression.

Let’s get you set up so your home sells itself with one quick tip:

Invite light and air

Inviting light in does magic to accentuate the bright living space of your home.

Air out your house thoroughly so it seems fresh and clean as possible.

If safety and the weather permits, crack open a window or two during the inspections themselves so that there is a steady stream of fresh air.

Bring back curtains and blinds to bring in as much as light as possible and display your house from the road.

Airing out the house also voids frequent complaints from prospects. Some may be turned off at the scent of pets.

Deodorise your property to eliminate the whiff of small creatures and get somebody who does not normally live there to confirm you are clear (you may be accustomed to it and not able to smell what others may ).

Clean traces of hair from furniture and floors, stow feeding bowls and toys, remove any litter boxes or droppings in the yard and give your pets a holiday during inspections.

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